Command Description
ear about Info about the bot
ear bassboost Bassboosts the current playing song
ear clear Clears the queue
ear donate Link to donate to the bot
ear github Sends you the link to the github page
ear hell Two times louder than veryloud command
ear help Sends you a list of commands
ear invite Sends you the invite link for the bot
ear loop/unloop queue/song Loops or unloops the current playing song or queue
ear normal Resets the volume back to normal
ear pause Pauses the current playing song
ear ping Sends you the client's ping and API latency
ear play Plays the song you search for in the voice channel you are in
ear playing Shows the current playing song
ear queue Lists all the songs in the current queue
ear quiet Sets the volume to a very quiet volume, almost like background music. Opposite of hell command
ear remove Removes a song you choose from the queue
ear resume Resumes the current playing song
ear search Searches the top 10 results for that song
ear skip Skips the currently playing song
ear skipto Skips to the song # you choose that is in the queue
ear stats Shows stats on the bot
ear stop Resumes the current playing song
ear superhell Ten times louder than hell command
ear support Sends the support server for the bot
ear veryloud/earrape Makes the music very loud and bad quality
ear volume Shows/sets the volume of the song
ear website Link to the website of the bot